Another World is Possible

Food Donations Needed

Food Donations Needed

Food Donations Wish List

Granola Bars
MREs (Meals ready to eat)
dried fruit
trail mix
peanut butter
Gallon Jugs or larger of water

Please Deliver food to Freedom Plaza before the 17th or at the West Front Lawn of Capitol Hill on the day of the 17th.

We are also accepting cooked food/catering donations from restaurants or individuals.

Non Perishable goods can be mailed to
Occupy Washington DC
1233 12th street NW
Washington DC 20005

Please contact Katrina Davies at

  • NOTE: All protesters should plan on bringing their own food and water to the event. There is no guarantee that there will be enough food donated to provide for everyone.
  • Laura Watkins

    I recently bought a lot of pasta to take to Freedom Plaza. I know propane is often in short supply there, so I’ll cook it at home. Is there enough propane to heat up food people bring to share or should that be added to the Occufood donation list?