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Is the Federal Government inventing “terrorists”?

Is the Federal Government inventing “terrorists”?

Opinion Commentary | At approximately 11:30pm, on Wednesday, May 16th, government officials broke into a house where NATO protestors were staying. The officials had no warrant to enter or search the house, but since it was in the name of “terrorism” the Bill of Rights was largely inapplicable. Eight people were arrested, and three (“NATO 3”)  were charged with “terror conspiracy” for allegedly making molotov cocktails.

It remains to be seen if these individuals were in fact in possession of molotov cocktails. Regardless, let’s assume that they were.

Three American college students in Cairo hold molotov cocktails

Think back to the Arab Spring uprising in 2011. You may vaguely remember that three American college students in Cairo were arrested by Egyptian officials for making and throwing Molotov cocktails at police from a building. The three American students admitted that they had thrown Molotov cocktails at police, but the U.S. government seemed to think this wasn’t a problem. After the college students spent a few days in jail, the U.S. State Department called an Egyptian judge and asked that the three American college students be released.

The next day, they were on a flight home to America. When they arrived back in the U.S. there were no arrests, no charges, no trials, and they were certainly not labeled “terrorists”.

Assuming that the NATO 3 did in fact have molotov cocktails, as did the American college students in Cairo, why would the federal government treat two mirror incidents completely different?

This is certainly the question the NATO 3 are wondering as they sit in solitary confinement.



  • Catalina Payne

    In all fairness, this has been the USA Government Policy for a good solid hundred years… since the end of World War 2 and the beginning of the Cold War…

    USA Government Policy has had a lot of creating terrorists as such like this.

    It… it is not the nicest thing ever.

  • jim evanhoe

    Until we stop corruption by government leaders such as
    The Clintons… The Bushs…and Obama….
    Corruption will rein .