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Solidarity with Coordinadora #25S! – Warning of Suspected Police Provocateurs.

Solidarity with Coordinadora #25S! – Warning of Suspected Police Provocateurs.

#25S : Madrid Spain:

In an action dubbed Occupy Congress, tens of thousands of Spanish protestors opposing the new Spanish austerity policies, marched to encircle the parliament building in Madrid Spain. The march appeared overwhelmingly successful and peaceful, and certainly put the Spanish government on notice that the 99% will be heard and a clear message was sent that you cant sweep the legs out from underneath the country and expect it to prosper.

This largely peaceful action was disrupted by a violent police action using batons and rubber bullets, which can be heard on the video below as loud exposions.
The bulk of the violent police actions began from what appears to be a response to a group of black block who can be seen at the beginning of the recording, goading the police into a violent response.

What concerns me about this, beyond the desire to see  truly nonviolent movements and actions, can be found at the 3:00 mark of the linked video.

You can see what appears to show three persons in black hoodies, some wearing masks, assisting the police by dragging a protestor off to be arrested.

On #J18, I saw first hand the divisive and destructive police tactic of agent provocateurs, a sadly common method of using undercover infiltrators to create violence, to enable the justification of the use of violent force against protestors.

I believe that use of the same tactic may likely have been the cause of the violent crackdown, and was caught on film during the #S25 protest in Spain.

I have reviewed the recording many times looking for any sign of the three people in black hoodies (shown at the 3:00 mark) of being involved in the initial police provocation.

I have been unable to verify any of them involved in the initial provocation that lead to the massive crackdown, the video quality is poor, and it was a huge mass of similarly dressed people involved, all of which making it difficult to make out any distinguishing features.

That said, for me, it is hard to believe that those three seen assisting the police would be dressed in such a way for any other reason, and they are not seen on the video with the police until that moment.

To everyone involved in protest movements around the world. Remember to be aware you have provocateurs in your midst, their job it is to create violence, to discredit and destruct your peaceful actions.

Remember Violence is a Destructive Force, Love is a Creative One.

All of us at Occupy Congress would like to express Solidarity to those in Occupy Congress Spain.

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