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Shut Down K Street ! – October 1st

Shut Down K Street ! – October 1st

Occupy DC Presents: Shut Down K Street!

Welcome you dreamers, you fighters for freedom! You’ve come to K Street because you know that it’s the locus of lobbying, the epicenter of policy perversion, the conduit for corporate dominance.

Resurrecting people power begins with dismantling what happens here. We’re glad to have you. While you’re here, though, please keep a few things in mind. You are in a colonized territory. Home to over 600,000 federal tax-paying residents, DC has no voting representation in Congress, yet must ask permission of this supremely corrupted body to pass new local laws and budgets.

Over the decades, the city has been powerless to stop congressmen from imposing local laws deregulating gun control and gutting social programs. A city with more homeless people than several states, DC features the wealthiest suburbs and most rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods in the entire country. Yet the disenfranchisement of DC citizens is not limited to the federal government. Activists of all stripes travel here to stage their own protests. Rarely, if ever, do they coordinate with Washingtonians. Many see DC simply as the seat of federal government – a mentality that perpetuates our disenfranchisement. We invite you to break the cycle. Don’t just demonstrate, participate – and support our right to representation and autonomy equal to yours.

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