Why Did Obama Relocate the G8 Summit?

COMMENTARY | On March 5th, President Obama surprised everyone when he announced that the upcoming G8 economic summit would be moved from Chicago to Camp David, a remote military base in rural Maryland.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who personally lobbied President Barack Obama to host the NATO and G8 summits, was informed of the change only hours before the White House publicly made the announcement.

The last-minute change raised many eyebrows — and questions.

The idea of moving the G8 to Camp David was raised to the president a few weeks ago, a senior administration official said, adding that the president was intrigued by the novelty of the idea and asked staff whether they could pull off the change.

Adding to the curious nature of the White House announcement was the fact that Obama rarely spends time at his presidential retreat. And unlike many of his predecessors, Obama has never hosted a world leader at Camp David.

Obama told reporters Tuesday that G8 “tends to be a more informal setting where we talk about a wide range of issues in an intimate way” and that “people would enjoy being in a more casual backdrop.” Although this is Obama’s stated reason, in a survey we conducted among our Twitter and Facebook followers, 97% of those surveyed believe the real reason for changing the venue is the impending protests in Chicago.

Courtesy of FluidSurvey.com

Regardless of the reason for relocating the G8 Summit, the protests are going to happen in Chicago anyway because if protesters are upset about G8, they have just as much reason to be upset about NATO. Plans are also being made by Occupy Baltimore to bring protestors onto the camping grounds surrounding Camp David: http://occupybmore.org/event/occupy-g8-summit. There’s also been talks between Occupy Washington DC, Occupy Univ. of Maryland (UMD), and Occupy Congress of holding a summit of our own, called the G-99 summit.



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  • EileenMaxwell94

    Oh I am sure the G8 prefers to be in the middle of a forest rather than in one of the most entertaining cities in the world.

  • Les-Occupy Cinci

    Don’t let them hide behind a military compound. Come to Occupy Camp David to demand transparency, accountability and genuine democracy; that the leaders of the world address the people, not hide in their private retreat. http://www.facebook.com/AttendTheG99

  • ThisIsTheTime

    This may be a blessing in disguise. The so-called “Black Block” will not be able to vandalize Chicago or the Occupy Movement.

  • Jackie W

    G-99 Summit! Great idea and catchphrase. Do it!

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